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Family House, public preschool Kävlinge

The public preschool is available for, among others, children who are not yet registered to attend a preschool and parents or other adults that accompany the children. It also functions as a compliment to preschool and educational care.

  • There is no need to register, you decide yourself when and how often you want to attend and participate
  • It is free of charge but refreshments are cost incurred

At the public preschool children are offered fun and stimulating activities and their curiosity, initiative and desire are accounted for. Playing and creative activities in different forms are catered for and the child’s own inquisitive nature is encouraged. The organization is built upon the active participation of both children and adults.

The organization also offers support and encouragement to you as a parent and aims to create an increased awareness of child development and needs. The staff submits information about, as well as mediates, contact with social, medicinal and other local services within the borough of Kävlinge.

The public preschool organization is regulated by the Education Act and additional legal terms.

  • We have song assembly every day at around 10.30am.
  • We take refreshments at around 11am and 2.15/2.30pm

Childcare Center Nurse

At the Family House/Public Preschool you have the opportunity to speak with a childcare nurse. On Wednesday mornings at the Baby Group meetings on even weeks between 10.30am and 12.15pm you are able to speak with Malena Sinclair Kryger. Malena is available to help with weighing and to offer advice on child health issues such as breast-feeding. food introduction, sleeping etc. Even if Malena is not your appointed childcare nurse you are still allowed to contact her at the Family House.

Parent Education / Course

The Childcare Centre (BVC) in Kävlinge offers parent education to parents of infant babies. More information is available at the clinic and also at

Kävlinge municipality also offers a parent course, ‘Active Parenthood’, to parents with children aged between 3 to 12 years and 12 to 16 years. The course is available during both Autumn and Spring terms and offers a total of 6 sessions and it is free of charge. Application forms for the course are available from May for the Autumn term which starts in September, and in October for the Spring term which starts in January.

Preschool Placement

Kävlinge municipality guarantees a place for your child at a preschool within four months of applying. All applications must be submitted via Kävlinge’s homepage:

When you have completed your application, you will receive confirmation that it has been admitted and approved. The date will then be registered as the day you joined the waiting list. This should be four months prior to the date you have as your preschool requirement date. If your application for placement arrives less than four months prior to the requirement date, it will be registered on the waiting list on the day of its arrival.

When you have received notification of an available place at a preschool via the e-service, you must reply through the e-service within 10 days. The date from which you require preschool placement will also include an induction period. Charges will be incurred from the first day of the induction period. Sibling priority is always applied.

Information about all the preschools within the borough of Kävlinge and how to submit your application is available at Kontakt Kävlinge 046-73 90 00 or via the homepage:

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046-73 90 00

Organisationsnummer: 21 20 00 1058

Kävlinge kommun
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244 80 Kävlinge

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Kullagatan 2, Kävlinge

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